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Point Man

I started reading a book, Point Man by Steve Farrar. It’s about the man’s role in the family.

The first chapter explains the spiritual dimension to the challenges men face. In a nutshell the first chapter can be summarized this way. “Satan wants to neutralize the man.” He will do this by alienating the man from his wife and by alienating him from his children.

It speaks to some of the challenges that I have faced in the last couple years. God has been gracious to protect me and my family!


Telling Myself Good News

In our reading through Galatians, we were asked to say to ourselves the “gospel” that Paul is reminding the Galatians of. Here is what I told myself from Galatians 1:3,4:

“Grace and Peace! Grace which is a blessing to your spirit and Peace . . . soul peace. Grace that comes through Jesus, who gave himself willingly for you. Grace! Jesus gave himself willingly for you . . . to buy you! To buy you back! To rescue you from darkness, to save you from being condemned, from being condemned before the Father, from being condemned before those whom you hurt, from being guilty before the one who would devour your soul.

This grace that brings you peace with God. Peace within yourself, peace with those around you! Peace! In your soul.”


Time With My Son

Today I had to take a road trip. My son wanted to ride along. It was fun to get away, ride down the highway with the stereo blasting and sing with my son at the top of our voices . . .

My son is generally a concrete thinker. He doesn’t usually get subtleties or pick up on “suggestions.” You pretty much have to tell exactly what you want. He’s 11, so it’s ok, we both are still trying to figure things out. I’m trying to figure out how to really relate to my son as he is growing, but he’s trying figuring out how to be 11, going on 12.
Mount Doom

So it was pure delight to me as he made the following comments. We were listening to a song by Relient K. My son loves their music, and while I probably wouldn’t choose it at my age, I still like their music and their lyrics give you plenty to think about. So as we were listening to “Let It All Out” there is the line :

“If the burden seems too much to bear
Remember, the end will justify the pain it took to get us there”

He says, “that makes me think of the Lord of the Rings.”

I thought I could see what he meant, so I asked him, “in what way?”

He said, “you know, the way Frodo carried the ring and how hard it was, but it was worth it in the end. He saved the world.”

It was a pleasing moment. He’s growing up, and I am proud of who he is becoming.


Things That Make Me Happy

Recently, my office team was studying the book of Ecclesiastes. Solomon, who wrote the book, recommends that we should enjoy life. We were challenged to think of things that make us happy.

So here’s my list:Vanilla
Relaxed time alone with my wife
Telling stories with my kids
Reading books with my kids
Giving gifts to people I care about
Getting Text Messages from friends for no good reason
Coke Zero
French Vanilla Ice Cream
Cooking on the grill
Hearing my kids say cute things
Watching a good movie
Reading a good book
Helping others
Singing and Playing Guitar
Pretty Pictures


No Ice Cream, Dad!

Well, I was walking through the kitchen, and thinking I might like a little something . . . then my eyes saw this note from my 9 year old daughter!

No Ice Cream, Dad


I guess she doesn’t know about “Rocky Road.” Honey, Solomon said I should enjoy life!

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