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There You Go

There You Go!

Is this the strange feeling
Of you working all to good
‘Cause I am so confused
I don’t even ask for what I should

When I asked for and deserved a stone
You broke and gave your body as bread
And even the stone that dropped down and rolled away
Spoke of the one who bled

There you go working good from my bad
There you go making robes from my rags
There you go melting crowns from my calves
There you go working good of all I have
Till all I have’s not that bad

When I asked for and deserved a serpent
You gave a net full of fish
And even the serpent that told the lie
When lifted high foretold the gift

For you so loved the unlovable
That you gave the ineffable
That who so believes the unbelievable
Will gain the unattainable

Song by Caedmon’s Call, from their album, 40 Acres.


Not the Land

Here’s another cry for something we all need. From Caedmon’s Call, “Not the Land.” This verse particularly fits these days:

“This is not the land was promised me
Even as far as my eyes can see
I’m so wound up, Lord, I can’t even breathe
And I don’t want words
I just want some peace
Some peace, some peace”


Stand on . . .

When we stand before God do we stand on our own faith? I hope not, because, if you’re like me there are days when you just don’t have the answers and there is doubt. And I just can’t make my belief cover my short comings. So when I stand before God if I stand at all it will be on His grace . . .

Shifting Sand by Caedmon’s Call

    Sometimes I believe all the lies
    So I can do the things I should despise
    And every day I am swayed
    By whatever is on my mind

      I hear it all depends on my faith
      So I’m feeling precarious
      The only problem I have with these mysteries
      Is they’re so mysterious

        And like a consumer I’ve been thinking
        If I could just get a bit more
        More than my 15 minutes of faith,
        Then I’d be secure

          My faith is like shifting sand
          Changed by every wave
          My faith is like shifting sand
          So I stand on grace

            I’ve begged you for some proof
            For my Thomas eyes to see
            A slithering staff, a leperous hand
            And lions resting lazily

              A glimpse of your back-side glory
              And this soaked altar going ablaze
              But you know I’ve seen so much
              I explained it away

                Waters rose as my doubts reigned
                My sand-castle faith, it slipped away
                Found myself standing on your grace
                It’d been there all the time

                  Stand on grace

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