A Poem

I was reading my friend’s blog today. There’s a poem that he’s written, that is very good and particularly relevant too.

What’s the Point?


Oh, Lord what calms the belly of the soul?
Each day men seek
and do not find.
Each day false idols to,
men do wrongly bind.


Greed eyes money,
that happiness should bring.
Lust eyes sex,
to make the soul fully sing.


Vigor eyes fame,
from fans that surround.
Age eyes purpose,
from the world around.


Yet all rings hollow
at life’s sunset.
For nothings lasts
past death’s onset.


So are we destined
for pain and despair?
Lord, is life beyond
hope of your repair?


So seem the words
of the wise old king.
Who sought those answers
away from your wing.


After all was said
what did he see?
After all was searched
what was the decree?


Fear God and obey
whatever his command.
For wholly this is
the purpose of man.


Happiness, wholeness
Power and delight
Reside in this.
Life’s made aright.


Promises he makes not
Of life trouble free.
Only that its purpose
will be fulfilled in yee.


For this the savior
did truly die.
Because we’re his
The apple of his eye.


To God be the glory.
Great things does He.
To God be the glory
Great things for me.


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