Put in me . . .

This has been a long time favorite of mine. It is currently the most relevant song for me these days and as such is my constant prayer!

Put in me . . .

Oh, Mercy, fall on me like a warm blanket…on my cold, cold heart
Clean me with Your blood that turns me white on the inside
I’m on my knees again ’cause I’m breaking Your heart

Put in me…what I cannot buy with gold
Put in me, oh God…come restore my broken soul
Put in me…what I cannot give myself
Put in me…a clean heart

I know all my broken places like the back of my hand
That slapped your face again
Wash me in your love and hold me tight like a baby
Till I have no memory of ever breaking Your heart

And in the joy when you restore me I will stand and walk again
I will run into this world I will call them to come in
But I will not point my finger or grow that wicked skin
That cannot remember what I will not forget
How I broke you, or how I’m broken

by Waterdeep and 100 Portraits from the album, Enter the Worship Circle


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